All research carried out at Bath Spa University is underpinned with common values of rigour, integrity and professionalism. As required by HEFCE, the University complies fully with the Universities UUK Concordat to Support Research Integrity.

The University is committed to the following principles of good research practice which are laid out in our Research Integrity and Ethics Handbook (pdf):

  • That our research is underpinned with common values of rigour and integrity
  • That we nurture a research environment that supports research of the highest standards of rigour and integrity
  • That our research confirms to all ethical, legal and professional obligations
  • That we use transparent, robust and fair processes to handle allegations of misconduct
  • That we continue to monitor, and where necessary improve, the suitability and appropriateness of the mechanisms in place to provide assurances over the integrity of research

As set out in the handbook, the University has robust mechanisms in place for dealing with allegations of academic misconduct, and clearly defined ethical approval process for staff and students. All academic staff are required to complete the on-line Stage 1 ethical approval process before submitting a research grant application.

Training on research ethics and integrity is available for all academic staff, and research students as part of our Researcher Development programme.

For questions about research ethics and integrity, please contact:

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