The Media Convergence Research Centre interrogates the creativity, culture and enterprise of the media in the changing landscape of convergence, re-thinking the potentials of merging media practices, representations, technologies, industries and audiences everywhere.

Key People

Dr Matthew Freeman

Profile image of Matthew Freeman, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication and Director of the Media Convergence Research Centre

Dr Matthew Freeman is Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication and Director of the Media Convergence Research Centre. He also co-leads both the Film & Social Context and the Transmedia Industries research clusters. Matthew’s research examines cultures of production across the borders of media and history. He is the author of Historicising Transmedia Storytelling: Early Twentieth-Century Transmedia Story Worlds (Routledge, 2016), the author of Industrial Approaches to Media: A Methodological Gateway to Industry Studies (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016), and the co-author of Transmedia Archaeology: Storytelling in the Borderlines of Science Fiction, Comics and Pulp Magazines (Palgrave Pivot, 2014). He has also published in journals including The International Journal of Cultural Studies, the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, and the International Journal of Communication.


Charlie Tweed

Profile image of Charlie Tweed, Lecturer in Digital Media and Culture and Co-Director of the Media Convergence Research Centre

Charlie Tweed is Lecturer in Digital Media and Culture and Co-Director of the Media Convergence Research Centre. He also leads the Digital Materialities research cluster. Charlie is a media artists and practice-based researcher whose performative, digital and video-based works have interrogated the human desire to control the natural world using various forms of technology and systems of management. He has exhibited his works internationally including recent solo shows at Spike Island, Bristol and Aspex Portsmouth and group shows at Meetfactory, Prague, Whitechapel Gallery, London and Zentrum Paul Klee, Switzerland. He has also created performances and lectures for Geologies of Value, Kingston University, The Signal and the Rock at Central Art Academy, Beijing and at Arnolfini, Bristol and Strata Conference, Aberystwyth University, and he was previously the co-director of Alma Enterprises gallery in London (2004-2011).


Dr Ruth Farrar

Profile image of Dr Ruth Farrar, Senior Lecturer in Creative Media & Enterprise and co-leader of the Film & Social Context research cluster

Dr Ruth Farrar is Senior Lecturer in Creative Media & Enterprise and co-leads the Film & Social Context research cluster. Ruth is an active filmmaker who works across a variety of multimedia platforms, genres and formats. Her production experience ranges from working with French Vogue during the height of New York Fashion Week to running around after Shakespearean actors in the snow in Austria. Ruth’s tenacity in filmmaking has landed her credits on over sixteen short films and two independent feature films. Her award-winning work has been screened at British Film Institute, Bristol’s Watershed Cinema and film festivals in  Dublin, London, Cannes and New York. Her research also explores innovations in binaural sound technology. Previously Ruth has produced several training programmes, such as Cinema Boot Camp for Dublin University Filmmakers at Trinity College, Dublin.


Prof James Newman

Profile image of Professor James Newman, Research Coordinator in the Digital Academy

James Newman is Professor and Research Coordinator across Writing, Film and Digital Creativity. He also leads the Play research cluster. He has published widely on videogames, gaming cultures and, most recently, on digital history and preservation. His key books include Videogames (Routledge 2004/2013 second edition); Playing with Videogames (Routledge 2008); and Best Before: Videogames, Supersession and Obsolescence (Routledge 2012), 100 Videogames (BFI Publishing 2007) and Teaching Videogames (2006 BFI Publishing). James is a co-founder of the UK’s National Videogame Archive, which is a partnership with the Science Museum, and a contributor to the GameCity family of projects. He sits on the editorial and review boards of journals including Game Studies and ROM Chip and is currently working on books contracted to Routledge and BFI Publishing on aspects of material culture and collecting and gameplay spectating practice.


Katharine Reeve

Profile image of Katharine Reeve, Subject Leader for Publishing and co-leader of the Multi-Platform Publishing & Communications research cluster

Katharine Reeve is Subject Leader for Publishing and co-leads the Transmedia Industries research cluster. Katharine is an award-winning nonfiction writer with over 15 years industry experience at senior level in international nonfiction, illustrated and academic book publishing, specialising in art, design and architecture, history and cultural history. Previously she was Editorial Director and Senior Commissioning Editor for History and Visual Arts at Oxford University Press. An elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, she is also Director of the highly-successful Social Media Experiment which evolved out of an industry collaboration with X Media Lab, the international digital creativity think-tank and has been running for four years.


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