Making Books: Creativity, print culture, and the digital

The Making Books research centre at Bath Spa University brings together scholars, creative practitioners, and cultural professionals to explore the book – print and digital – as a created artefact and an object of study.

The centre is interested in the diverse forms that books can take, the people who make them, the act of making itself, and the places in which books are created, made, disseminated, and accessed.

We are interested in readers and reading practices, in print and digital culture, in technology and remediation, in book design and the book arts, in issues of access and preservation, and in the broader intellectual, cultural, social, economic, legal, and political frameworks that shape the world of the book and book futures.

Bringing together a diversity of perspectives including book history and bibliography; typography, design and the book arts; theories of creative practice; the digital humanities; digital writing and new forms of literature and storytelling; and contemporary publishing practices, the centre explores the book’s past, present, and future.

Public Engagement

Each research centre at Bath Spa University has a named Public Engagement (PE) Champion. We’re happy to report that our co-director, Laura Little, has volunteered to take on this role for the Making Books research centre. PE will be a major factor as we move toward the next REF, recording and developing the types of public engagement we are undertaking.

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