In February and March 2017 the Development and Alumni Relations Office will be running the third telethon fundraising campaign to support students at the University through the Harbutt Fund.

We have recruited a wonderful team to work as student fundraisers, from a wide range of subjects and backgrounds. They will spend their evenings and weekends during February 27 until March 25 attempting to call over 6000 graduates of the University and its predecessor colleges.

The callers will be finding out about what the University was like when the alumni were here and what they have gone on to do since leaving, the students will update them about university life today and discuss how they can continue to be involved with our amazing community.

We will also like to inform our alumni about becoming a mentor and the benefits of offering placements or advice to our current students. We will be inviting them to consider making a donation to support current students at the university.

Our student callers are looking forward to speaking with you!

Senior Callers


Oliver is a first year Creative Writing & English Literature student who hopes to use his degree to further his acting career by penning his own plays and taking them to Fringe festivals. He has come to fall in love with Bath Spa and everything it has to offer and is an active member of the university's Theatre, gymnastics and Comedy societies. He has taken up being part of the telethon in hopes that he may contribute to the students, who in future will come and reap as many benefits from Bath Spa as he foresees getting for himself.


I'm a first year history student at Bath Spa University. I'm originally from Newcastle - Upon - Tyne and have a real love of visiting historic sites and travelling. I love to help others which is why I am doing the telethon, and have helped a variety of charities in various ways over the years. After my degree I hope to do a PGCE and become a secondary school history teacher.

Student Callers


I am a first year English and Publishing student at Bath Spa. I grew up near Cambridge, but have spent the last few years living in Stratford-upon-Avon, studying drama and working. I took several years out after school, and joined Bath Spa as a mature student, so I am genuinely interested and focused on my course and am really enjoying the challenge. I have a real love of literature, and enjoy a lot of creative hobbies, like music and drama. I hope to go on to do a Masters (but I'm not sure what in yet!) and then hopefully work in the publishing industry.


I am a first year student studying Business and Management. I was an expat child and grew up traveling the world. Now my family currently live in Scotland and I am currently in Bath. I love being at Bath Spa and enjoy the study as well as the social aspect and making great friends. Bath is also a stunning city in which I am now fortunate enough to live in! I enjoy traveling in my time off and aim to move abroad when I graduate.


Hi my name is Cherith and I am a first year at Bath Spa University. I am originally from Ballymena in Northern Ireland but I moved to Bath to study nutrition. After my degree I hope to study a postgraduate degree in dietetics. I enjoy helping others and am a senior academic representative for culture and environment undergraduate. Through this I voice the options of students within my school of study in order to continue to improve the student experience at Bath Spa. I have taken up being part of the telethon because I understand the benefits that it brings to students by helping to support student services such as the library, mental health and financial support as well as scholarships like the international travel fund.


I'm a second year English Literature student at Bath Spa University – pursuing my love of reading! I am originally from Essex and, when I am not reading, I enjoy exploring London, retail therapy and theatre. I have grown to love the city of Bath and its history; visiting the Roman Bath Spa is a favourite pastime of mine when my deadlines are a little less upcoming. I have got involved in the telethon in the hopes to strengthen Bath Spa University's relationships with its alumni students and to gain insight into their experiences at the university.


I'm a first year student of English Literature and Publishing here at Bath Spa, and I genuinely love it! Outside of my course, I'm an active member of the gym and part of the CU. I am doing the telethon because I want to give back to the university, and because I love chatting to people and hearing their stories!


Konichiwa! (Hello in Japanese.) I'm a second year student at Bath Spa studying Global Development and Sustainability. I love travelling and experiencing new cultures and learning about the many unique traditions held by counties all over the world. Bath Spa university is great for many reasons however in particular because of the cultural diversity and the countless opportunities and challenges it offers, not to mention the amazing campus!


Angus is a Creative Writing student, in his second year, who hopes to use his degree to further his Thespian/motoring journalism career. He quickly came to appreciate Bath Spa and everything it has to offer and is an actively participates in the University's Theatre and Comedy societies. He took the role as a telethon-fundraiser so that he may contribute to the students, who can enjoy the same benefits from Bath Spa as he has.


I'm Miles, a first year Media Communications student at Bath Spa University. I'm originally from sunny Wales but now live on the delightful Newton Park Campus. When I'm not studying I like to keep fit at the gym, socialise with my friends and write for Spa Life – the student union magazine. I chose to be a student fundraiser because I want to give back to the wider Bath Spa community and I believe it will improve many of my skills. After my degree I want to complete a Masters in Broadcast Journalism and one day become a reporter or newsreader.



My name is Alexandra Wilbraham. I am a second year Creative Writing student hoping to write and produce my own plays. Born in Leeds, England, my family and I moved to Germany in 2000. Here I received my formative education, moving back to England in 2015 to continue into higher education. I have since fallen in love with Bath Spa and its dedication to encourage students in developing their talents and giving them opportunities to travel and excel outside of their chosen career path. I am an active member of the Theatre and Spoken Word Society, enjoying writing and performing both theatre and poetry. As part of the telethon I hope to aid and improve the possibilities for future students, so that they can get the most rewarding experience from their time at Bath Spa University.



Hello, my name is Elliot Carey and I am a Fine Art Student from Birmingham. I moved to Bath Spa to continue my studies in contemporary painting and conceptual video and installation work. Bath Spa as an institution and as a city has greatly improved my skills as an artist and truly allowed me to expand and develop my interests. I live in the city centre, so I am surrounded by all of the on going events Bath has to offer, which is perfect for me. The opportunities Bath Spa Uni has opened up for me has been immense. I am now in the process of creating on-going work and exhibiting my work externally where ever I can, as well as taking advantage of seminars and artist talks offered by the uni. I also have an internship at the Bath Contemporary Gallery that I will be starting soon. I am hoping that after my degree I will be able to continue my education here on the MA course offered at Bath, as well as working as a resident artist at galleries/studios around the world.


I'm a first year business and marketing student. Originally from Bracknell, I have a real love for doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well and have helped market for a variety of charities at my school. After my studies I am to be a successful marketing director.


I am a second year Sociology student at Bath Spa University, I moved to Bath from my hometown; Plymouth. I have a desire to travel as I have not currently travelled to many places other than Europe, but I have made some future travel plans such as my University trip to Northern India in May and Interrailing around Europe in the summer. I am interested in how societies differ from one another, so I feel as though travelling will really widen my knowledge and allow me to gain an insight of different societies and cultures. I also love helping others and am passionate about the beautiful Bath Spa University, which is why I am involved in the telethon. I hope that this fund raiser will bring many benefits to the University and I hope that it will help future students of Bath Spa.


Hi, my names Rose and I'm a first year undergraduate student from Plymouth! I am currently studying Creative writing and Music at Bath Spa which I am thoroughly enjoying. The course has allowed me to expand my imagination and helped me to see that my dream jobs are in an attainable place. In my spare time when I'm not, of course vigorously studying, I am prone to watch a lot of TV shows and films; along with a good book occasionally. I have also recently got into the habit of cross stitching while I watch them which is an enjoyable hobby. I am currently living in the Gardens accommodation which is really a lovely place to stay, its cozy and is a nice walk from my room onto campus. I occasionally go and play poker with their society and enjoy a night out now and again. I wanted to get involved in the telethon so that i can help future students like myself, better their experience here in any way i can. I try not to quote Tesco but, every little does help!


I'm a first year student at Bath Spa University, studying Global Development and Sustainability. I went to school in St Albans, before taking a gap year to travel in Tanzania and Australia. Apart from travel, my hobbies include music, photography and cooking. I am a member of the Big Band Society and the Ladies Football Society. I am taking part in the telethon because I'm interested in hearing from Bath Spa graduates, while also helping to generate funds which can be used to support current and future students.


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