Professor Slade

Professor Slade commenced her role as Vice-Chancellor of Bath Spa University in January 2012.

Bringing with her a wealth of experience from her former roles as Dean of the Schools of Arts and of Social Sciences at City University London, Dean of Humanities at Macquarie University (2003-8) and Professor of Media Theory at the University of Utrecht, Professor Slade is leading the university through a world-class campus development project, of internationalisation and of public private partnerships.

Trained as a philosopher of logic and language, her research has focussed on issues of the media since 1990. Her monograph, ‘The Real Thing: doing philosophy with media’ (2002) examines the role of reason in the media, while ‘From Migrant to Citizen: testing language, testing culture’, (2010) jointly edited with Martina Möllering, looks at linguistic, legal and philosophical aspects of citizenship testing. Her most recent monograph, ‘Watching Arabic Television in Europe: from diaspora to hybrid citizens’ was published in 2014 by Pivot, an imprint of Palgrave MacMillan.

"Bath Spa University is local and global. Based in a world heritage city it epitomises the beauty and culture of England. At the same time we are open to the world, encouraging international collaboration, and student movement. The new world of work is global and we hope to equip our students with the cultural capital they need to succeed."

Professor Christina Slade, Vice-Chancellor

Contacting the Vice-Chancellor

T: +44 (0)1225 875510

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